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The high-altitude wines of Andorra

History & key dates

1000ish AD : Evidence of grape growing and winemaking in monasteries in Andorra during the Middle Ages in Sant Julià de Lòria (Casa Beal and Casa Auvinyà boast geographical links)
—— at some point the winemaking stops and nothing much happens for a few hundred years ——
1988 : Casa Beal sets up a winery, replanting the vines in 2004 and releasing Andorra’s first ever wine in …
2006 : “Cim de Cel” hits the market
2008-2012 : 3 other wineries launch their first wines
2015 : The newest winery (Casus Belli) located north of Andorra La Vella release their first wine
2016-date: Andorran wines wine international prizes
2023 : Wine Fogg does Andorra

Andorran Wine Overview

Few people, including Andorrans themselves, have tried an Andorran wine. With under 1 bottle produced for every 10 people, it’s hardly surprising.

Yet a small number of winemakers have been producing wine in this unlikely region, despite the impossibility of breaking even commercially.
This is the land of boutique wineries – projects of passion.

  • Fewer than 10Ha of vines and 8,000 bottles produced
  • 5 producers with the first wine released in 2006
  • 2 Wine Regions – Ordino (north of Andorra La Vella) and Sant Julià de Lòria (south of Andorra La Vella)
  • 6 white grapes and 4 red grapes are grown. There are no indigenous Andorran grape varieties

Fun Facts

  • Andorra’s main agricultural industry is tobacco. Wine is mostly a side-project.
  • With a population of around 80,000, Andorra produces 1 bottle of wine for every 10 people
  • Andorra’s Casa Auvinyà’s tiny Syrah plot is possibly one of the world’s steepest vineyards at 70 degrees!
  • It is cheaper to drive out of Andorra than in, even if you don’t fuel up (it’s downhill all the way!)

The Grapes

Unfortunately Andorra has no indigenous grapes and grows international varieties.
To date (2023) there are 10 grapes grown in Andorra:
White: Riesling, Chardonnay, Viognier, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, Albariño
Red: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cornalin, Syrah

The Styles

  • Sparkling white and rosé
  • Dry white wines
  • Oak aged white wines
  • Light-medium bodied red wines
  • Late harvest Gewürztraminer

The Producers

4 of the producers are located close to each other in Sant Julià de Lòria. Just south of Andorra La Vella and north of the border with Spain.
Casus Belli is located north of Andorra La Vella in Ordino close to Formatgeria Casa Raubert, Xocland and Boris Craft Beer in La Massana

WineryFirst VintageBottles /year**Wines
Casa Beal20061,200Cim de Ciel (Late harvest Gewürztraminer)
Casa Auvinyà2008 / 2010*2,000Imagine – white blend
Evolució – Pinot Noir or Syrah as single variety, or a blend of both (in cooler / poorer vintages, this is labelled and released as “Fora Pista“)
Borda Sabaté20092,000Escol – Riesling
Torb – Cornalin / Merlot / Syrah blend
Mas Berenguer20121,200Cortó Carlomagno – Chardonnay (discontinued)
Tancat Rocafort – Chardonnay with 6-8 months barrel ageing
Clos Carlomagno – Chardonnay with 24 months barrel ageing to be released in magnums in 2024
902DC Brut Rosé– sparkling Pinot Noir rosé (traditional method) aka “Dovella”
902DC Gran Cru – sparkling Chardonnay (traditional method)
Casus Belli20151,200Terra Negra – Pinot Noir from select rows within the vineyard
Blanc de Noir – Late Harvest sparkling Pinot Noir
80 20 – Pinot Noir (80%) + Chardonnay (20%) sparkling
*first production in 2008, first commercial release in 2010
**rounded up to nearest 100

Celler Casa Auvinyamap

  • Named after the roman name “Auvinya” for the road through Andorra on which wine was transported between Spain & France
  • The team of 4 started their viticulture project in 2005
  • They have 5,000 vines at 1,200 metres and produce fewer than 3,000 bottles.
  • Farming is organic / biodynamic (uncertified) and vinification is minimal intervention using indigenous yeast
  • Their tiny Syrah plot is grown on steep slopes of 70 degrees incline!
  • The labels show striking artwork by Barcelona artist Mapi Rivera
  • Visits are possible and should be booked in advance via CellerDePiriney (their sister company)

Celler Mas Berenguer, Carretera de Fontaneda, AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria – map

  • Charles (photo) established Mas Berenguer in 2015
  • It is named after the Berenguer family that lived at the estate for 7 generations
  • The Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines sit across 3 plots at 950m altitude.
  • Visits are generally not possible, however Charles can be contacted via WhatsApp (he has no website or landline)

Borda Sabaté, Ctra. de la Muxella, AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria – map

  • Purchasing land in 1944, vines were not planted until 2005 – at 1,190m altitude
  • Farmed organically, Borda Sabaté have 2 wines: a Riesling and a red blend of Syrah/Merlot/Cornalin with the help of oenologist Alain Graillot
  • Their first wine, Escol Riesling, was released in 2019
  • During the summer Borda Sabate run Fourty Four at the entrance to the cellar. 3 food trucks serving their wines alongside the food.
  • Generally visits are not possible, however the winery is responsive via Instagram

Casus Bellimap

  • Focusing on still and sparkling Pinot Noir & Chardonnay, Casus Belli is the northernmost vineyard in Andorra.
  • They also have the highest vines, with 3 Ha planted in 2010 at 1,240-1,322m altitude.
  • Their first release was in 2015
  • Unfortunately they cannot accommodate visitors for tours / tastings.

Casa Beal, Urb. les Caubelles, 21, AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria – map

  • Although the winery was established in 1988, the vines were replanted in 2004 and the first release was not until 2006 with their late harvest Gewürztraminer “Cim de Cel” (“sim de sell”)
  • They have vines at 1,050 to 1,100m altitude and farm organically / biodynamically
  • Casa Beal produce just this one wine, which is easily spotted by it’s striking blue & white (clouds & sky) bottle neck.
  • Visits possible – contact in advance.

The Producers

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The Events

Due to the limited production of wines, the producers do not showcase these at any local events.
Some Andorran wines have appeared at international wine fairs and awards.
For other Andorran artisanal producers, look out for the annual Andorra Fira in October each year

24 Hours in Andorra

(you will need a car to take full advantage)



Breakfast & Speciality Coffee at Kofi before a visit to The Cellar Door to taste the local wines (small enomatic samples), then on to Casa Auvinya at 11.30 (appointment required).



nearby Borda de L’Arena– (recommended by Ana Cerezo’s husband Alex)



try to arrange a visit at Casa Bael (see website) for a tour and tasting of their iconic Cim de Sel



Visit Ana Cerezo (check in advance if she has any Casus Belli wines available by the glass), then dinner nearby at Restaurant CAN MANEL that serves Mas Berenguer’s 902DC Chardonnay by the glass.

Take the next day to visit some of the stores that sell Andorran wines (see below)

Restaurants/Bars/Wine Stores

Restaurants & Bars


5 Plaça Princep Benlloch – map

Andorra Park Hotel

24 Carrer les Canals – map


4 C. del Parnal – map

Bacco Wine Bar

23 Carrer Joan Maragall – map

Odetti Bistro

14 Carrer Santa Anna – map


Marquet Gourmeterie

3 Plaça Coprínceps – map

the widest collection of Andorran wines, including the difficult to find Cim de Cel – Andorran wine list

E Leclerc Hypermarket

93 Av. Meritxell – map

(a range of local produce in a small section beside the check-outs including honey, hams, jams, chocolate, beers and wines)


11 Av. Meritxell – map

River Supermarket

Sant Julià de Lòria – map

(a small selection of local wines and chocolates)

Andorra La Vella

✯ Ana Cerezo, 3 Carrer les Canals – map

Ana imports Jamon Iberico under her company “Pernilea”, and runs a wine bar with a kitchen serving a variety of sharing plates, so you could spend the whole evening here.

Ana speaks French. Her husband Alex speaks English and will likely be the one to respond to any Instagram messages.

Reach out in advance via Instagram and check if they have any Andorran wines available by the glass.

Other regional Producers



Andorra has 2 local cheese producers. Since the local milk production has been consolidated into one cooperative, they both source their raw milk from small farms on the other side of the border in Spain

Formatgeria Casa Raubertmap

Formatgeria El Batall – a newcomer to the scene starting small production cheesemaking in 2023


El Battal – Tomb

l Battal – Borla


Andorra has one bean-to bar chocolate producer:

Craft Beer

(Andorra is lucky to have several craft beer producers, however finding them by the bottle in local bars may be a challenge)

Cervesa Alpha, Borda Callisa El Mas de Ribafeta Arinsal, AD400 La Massana – map

Boris Craft Beer & Utopia, 3 Av. de la Cortinada, AD200, La Cortinada – map

Cervesa AND

Matèria Noble ice-cream




Casa Folch


Ice Cream
Matèria Noble are the first local producers of ice-cream using local Andorran milk.

Travel Tips & Logistics

Disclaimer: some of the links below are affiliate links which may pay me a small commission should you buy their services via this link at no extra cost to you. This will help contribute towards the costs of running this website.
These are only services that we have personally used during our travels and endorse regardless of any affiliation link.


Catalan is the official language of Andorra, Spanish is widely (universally) understood, with French a frequent 2nd language.

  • Learn some Spanish (at least a few basic phrases), or Catalan if you really want to impress.
  • Download google translate & Spanish / Catalan (maybe also French) for offline use
  • Consult my page on common wine terms in Spanish (coming soon).

Appointments & Reservations

Advance appointments are mandatory at the wineries.
Currently only 2 (Casa Beal & Auyvinà) have official visits that can be booked. See links above in winemaker profiles.

Other ways to connect:

  • Check their Instagram & Facebook accounts. If they’re regularly active on social media, this may be a good way to reach out to them.
  • Use Google Translate to send messages in Spanish and translate the replies.
  • Smaller wineries will be busy simply managing the day-to-day business. Don’t be offended if you don’t hear back, or that they’re unable to receive you.

Mobile Phone Usage

Andorra is not part of the EU and does not come under many EU roaming plans. DO:

  • Check with your mobile phone provider.
  • Buy an international sim card in advance, or buy a sim locally when you arrive if your plan does not include EU roaming.

Many phones nowadays have eSims (you can load several eSims onto most latest models, and activate up to 2 at any one time).

For data plans we use, and can recommend, airalo that sells eSims for most countries and regions (e.g. Europe).
For voice calls, we either use whatsapp, Instagram, or a dedicated international calling app such as localphone.

Getting There & Away

Unless you are already in the south of France, the easiest way to reach Andorra is via Barcelona (by coach or by car hire)

Wine Fogg prefers flying with British Airways due to longstanding loyalty, convenience of flights and luggage allowance.

The usual price comparison sites are also helpful for comparing flight options such as: and


When travelling solo, our first choice is Airbnb which is often unavailable due to high demand.

We have found the following sites to be useful when looking for accommodation:

Car Hire

While it is possible to travel to Andorra via coach and rent a car there, renting a car from Barcelona and driving is quicker and offers the most flexibility.
Most budget rental firms will add a daily surcharge to take the car to a different country, particularly outside the EU.

If you want to visit the wineries, you will need a car, or pay for a taxi (unless you can charm the winery into collecting you from a nearby bus stop).

  • Waze and Google Maps are both excellent navigation options.

Wine Fogg recommends:


Part of the Avis group, Budget allows cars to be taken to Andorra at no extra charge.

Links & Resources
A list of Andorra’s artisan food producers
An instagram account dedicated to the producers of Andorra, including any upcoming markets
A pdf overview of all producers in Andorra (cheese, chocolate, wine, honey, ham, beer, mead)