Vigneti Repetto

Gian Paolo Repetto is an ex-engineer who changed career to winemaking in 2013, bringing an engineer’s precision.
With his wife Marina, he manages 15 hectares of vines with yields limited to 6-7 tonnes/Ha vs the allowed 8 tonnes by the DOC.
All grapes are hand-picked and grown organically (although “organic” only appears on the labels in Scandinavia as locals are suspicious of such claims)

As an engineer, he uses technology to avoid the need for chemicals (pesticides, additives) and innovative Vinooxygen® technology avoids racking & oxidation so sulphur can be kept to an absolute minimum

With the effect of climate change, Vigneti Repetto are experimenting with less sun exposed aspects.
The Freisa grown for their rose is in shade of trees.

Look out for the striking labels which are mathematical / engineering reflecting the character of each wine “straight, rounded, angular, complex etc”

As president of Colli Tortonesi viticulture consortium in Gian Paolo worked hard to get “Derthona” recognised as the DOC in place of “Colli Tortonesi”
To raise awareness of the ability of Timorasso to age gracefully, Gian Paolo keeps 5 vintages in stock for local restaurants to show on menu, helping influence the perceptions of the locals

Repetto release 3 Timorasso wines:

  • Piccolo Derthona – first picking of young grapes that won’t make it into Derthona Timorasso)
  • Quadro – a straight expression of Timorasso (hence the Square label) from a 2 vineyards planted in 2007
  • Origo  – latin for “origin” – single vineyard from vines planted in 1992 (spiral label)

Producer Info

Winery: Vigneti Repetto
Established: 2013
Winemaker: Gian Paolo Repetto
Hectares: 15 Ha
Vine age: 1992, 2007


Timorasso, Cortese
Barbera, Croatina, Freisa
Philosophy: Using technology to avoid the use of chemicals and additives
Viticulture: Organic
Vinification: Stainless Steel only (Timorasso).
Bottles/year: 60,000 +
Visits: By appointment. Modern tasting room & shop
Address: Castellazzo, 15050 Montemarzino, AL