Vigneti Fassone


UPDATE Feb 2024: Vigneti Fassoni have sold their vineyards to Tenute del Leone Alato.
This page is maintained for historical reference only. Fassone’s wines may still be found on the market for a few more years following the sale.

One of the newer producers in the region, Fulvio Fassone and Tamara Vitti established Vigneti Fassone in early 2018 with the encouragement of Walter Massa.

This project was started from scratch with the acquisition of 5-hectares of land and planting Timorasso vines in the autumn of 2018.

With the help fo La Ricolla and Vigneti Repetto to vinify their earlier vintages, Fassone now have their own winery in Castellazzo di Montemarzino since November 2021
Over 2023 and 2024 they will plant 2 more hectares of Timorasso and Barbera and build facilities for production & storage and a tasting room in future.

Their first Timorasso vintage in 2,000 produced only 800 bottles, increasing to 1,100 in 2021 + 500 of the Derhona Maceratio. Vigneti Fassone are truly a micro-producer.

Vigneti Fassone produce 2 Timorasso:

  • IMAI
  • Derthona Maceratio :  fermented on skins (macerated) for 2 weeks

Producer Info

Winery: Vigneti Fassone
Established: 2018
Winemaker: Fulvio Fassone & Tamara Vitti
Hectares: 4.2 Ha Timorasso + 0.8 Barbera
Vine age: 2018 (+ 2023-4)


Philosophy: Focus on indigenous grapes
Vinification: Stainless Steel only (Timorasso).
Bottles/year: Under 2,000
Visits: Future plans for a tasting room