Vigneti Daglio

Vigneti Daglio has existed in its current form since the 1980s under 3rd generation winemaker Giovanni Daglio with their first Timorasso release (Cantico) in 2006.

Giovanni’s son Carlo Daglio returned back to the family farm in early 2021 and is now running farm and winery. Under his watch, they will obtain organic certification in 2023/4.

The grapes have been grown organically, and there is minimal interference in the cellar with only stainless steel fermentation / ageing, no filtration and minimal use of sulphur.

Vigeneti Daglio produce 2 Timorasso:

  • Derthona : entry level from the younger vines (15 years old)
  • Cantico: their original, flagship Timorasso from the older vines (20 years old)

They are one of the few producers selling older vintages as far back as 2013

Producer Info

Winery: Daglio
Established: 1980s
Winemaker: Giovanni & Marco Daglio
Hectares: 2 Ha Timorasso (of 10Ha total)
Vine age: 2003 & 2009


Timorasso, Cortese
Barbera, Croatina, Dolcetto, Moscato Nero
Philosophy: “The soul of the company has always been the vineyard”
Viticulture: Organic (to be certified in 2023/4)
Vinification: Stainless Steel only (Timorasso). Unfiltered. Minimum use of sulphur
Bottles/year: 5,000 Timorasso (20,000 total)
Visits: By appointment
Address: 10 via Montale Celli,15050 Costa Vescovato, AL