Terre di Sarizzola

Terre di Sarizzola is a family-run winery whose roots date back to the late 1800s
Successive generations have grown the winemaking side of the farm, with the current foundations laid in the 1970s

Mattia Bellinzona (3rd generation and a trained farmer with a degree in oenology) now runs the farm with his uncle Franco Penacca.
He joined in 2008 to breed of pigs in the wild cellar seasoned salami
Matthia manages 100 hectares (20 are woodland, 80 vineyards, cereals and fodder for pig feed)

Since 2021 Terre di Sarizzola’s wines are certified organic, after having been cultivated with integrated farming methods previously

Terri di Sarizzola produce 2 Timorasso:

  • Derthona : a blend of Timorasso grapes from their vineyards
  • Biancornetto : a single vineyard (“Biancornetto”) cru

Producer Info

Winery: Terri di Sarizzola
Established: mid 1850s (1970s in current form)
Winemaker: Mattia Bellinzona
Hectares: 4 Ha Timorasso (of 12Ha total)
Vine age: 1996-2019


Timorasso, Favorita, Cortese
Barbera, Merlot, Croatina, Bonarda, Dolcetto
Philosophy: “harmony between us, the vineyard, the territory”
Viticulture: Organic (certified since 2021)
Vinification: Stainless Steel only (Timorasso).
Bottles/year: 13,000 Timorasso (25,000 total)
Address: 41 Via Appennini, 15050 Sarizzola AL
Website: https://www.terredisarizzola.com/