Azienda Agricola Terralba is a family owned vineyard dating back to the early 1900s.

Initially cultivating grapes (including Timorasso) for sale to other producers, they later joined the Wine Cooperative of Tortona and the Timorasso vines decreased in the 1960s as focus was placed on higher yields, a trend that only changed in the 1980s-90s.

Stefano Daffoncchio is the 4th generation winemaker in the family and changed the focus to Timorasso and quality over quantity.
Under Stefano, Terralba increased their Timorasso plantings, and put little emphasis on high-end technology (initially for financial reasons, but now to express the quality of the Timorasso grape and terroir).

Terralba have a range of aged Timorasso in stock, and produce 4 styles:

  • Piccolo Derthona: from their youngest vines
  • Derthona : their entry level Timorasso
  • Derthona Stato* : single vineyard (3,500 bottles per year.)
  • Campo del Pozzo  – produced only in the best years

*Stato is named after the album “Stato di Necessità” by the Italian artist Carmen Consoli

Producer Info

Winery: Azienda Agricola Terralba
Established: early 1900s
Winemaker: Stefano Daffoncchio
Hectares: 5 Ha Timorasso (of 23 Ha vineyards)
Vine age: 1982-1998


Barbera, Croatina, Syrah, Merlot, Moradella
Philosophy: focusing on the expression of Timorasso and the vineyard without high-end technology
Vinification: Stainless steel. Unfiltered. Unfined.
Bottles/year: 20,000
Address: 25 Frazione Inselmina, 15050, Berzano di Tortona, AL
Website: https://www.terralbavini.com/