RÈIS is a project started in 2019 by 6 school friends working in Piedmonte wineries:
Matteo Laiolo (Vinchio-Vaglio Serra), Simo Revello (Fratelli Revello), Francesco Bianco (Bovio), Luca Monti (Brovia), Luca Amerio (Scarpa), Enrico Pezzuto

“Rèis” means “roots” referring to the interconnection between the land, the vines and people.
The label was designed Luca Monti,  and represents the various elements in the vineyard (black root, blue water, green leaves/grass, yellow sun)

They buy in the grapes from 1 Ha of 20 y/o vines, also working in the vineyard, then vinify the grapes in Asti closer to the wineries in which they work
Quantities are small: 2,000 bottles in 2018 to 6,000 bottles in 2022

Initially starting as a fun side-project, they are now taking it more seriously and want to start learning how to sell the wines they produce.

RÈIS produce just 1 label of Timorasso

Producer Info

Winery: RÈIS
Established: 2018
Winemaker: 6 (see above)
Hectares: 1 Ha
Vine age: 2002


Vinification: Stainless Steel
Bottles/year: 6,000
Website: https://reis.wine/it/