Pomodolce winery is one of the few wineries in the area with a restaurant (Valli Unite‘s restaurant being another. Both producers of natural wines.)

It has been in its current form since 2005 and is managed by Silvio Davico, who is also the head chef of the restaurant (Ristorante Da Giuseppe).

Pomodolce practice natural viticulture without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers, instead preferring natural products and animal fertilizers.
Favouring quality over quantity, Pomodolce have opted for low yields.
The grapes are fermented on their native yeast and can be considered “natural wines”.

Pomodolce produce 3 Timorasso :

  • Piccolo Derthona : entry-level early harvest.
  • Diletto : lower alcohol from the lower parts of their vineyards on west facing slopes.
  • Grue : a reserve wine from the best grapes at the top of the SW facing vineyard. Richer, with more intense flavours.

In 2018 they also produced an Amphora Timorasso (further details to follow).

Their wider range includes:

  • Cherubino : Barbera + Croatina (15%) aged in stainless steel.
  • Fontanino : Croatina aged 12 months in barrique.
  • Marsen : Barbera aged 24 months in barrique.
  • Niall : Nebbiolo aged 24 months in barrique.

Producer Info

Winery: Pomodolce
Established: 2005
Winemaker: Silvio Davico
Hectares: 3.5 Ha Timorasso of 6 total
Vine age: 2000, 2008, 2015, 2021


Timorasso, Cortese
Barbera, Croatina, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto
Philosophy: “organic viticulture, strictly excluding herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers in favour of natural products and fertilizers of animal origin”
Viticulture: Organic
Vinification: Natural. Wild fermentation. Stainless Steel only (Timorasso).
Bottles/year: 20,000 Timorasso (of 30,000 total)
Visits: By appointment
Address: 7 via IV Novembre, 15050 Montemarzino, AL
Website: http://www.pomodolce.it/