MOONQ Winery


After 18 years of winemaking as a hobby, Tevan Poghosyan launched MOONQ Wines in 2021.

The choice of name “MOONQ” which represents the resilience of the community that stays together, recovers, and continues to create (best done with a glass of wine!)

This goes back to his childhood memory:

Once upon a time, my grandpa sat me down in the corner of the room, while friends and family were cheering with wine glasses, toasting for the “here and now.” He told me, “If you’re lucky enough, one day you’ll too sit your grandson down in the corner of the room, and tell about the magic of wine, how it heals, unites, and binds.” And so, I grew up with a dream.

In fact, he discovered that the grape he had been using for 18 years was in fact a long forgotten variety “Nrneni”

Read more about Tevan’s discovery and recovery of Nrneni on our article : MOONQ’s Nrneni Revival


MOONQ produce 3 wines of which 2 contain the rare Nrneni:
  • Voskehat  :  100% Voskehat from 1,610m altitude, fermented in stainless steel.
    2,000 bottles
  • Nrneni: 100% Nrneni from 870m altitude, vinified in stainless steel
    Dark fruit, chocolate and spice with tense, generous palate.
    First produced in 2021
    1,000 casesPart of the 2022 Nrneni vintage is being aged in 2 x 225l oak barrels to see how it evolves.
  • Red Blend  :  Areni, Khndoghni, Nrneni from 870m – 1,610m altitude fermented in stainless steel.
    Complex and rounded with black fruits, chocolate, licorice and vanilla.
    4,000 bottles


Producer Info

Winery: MOONQ
Established: 2021
Winemaker: Tevan Poghosyan
Hectares: 0.5 + 0.5 further of Nrneni being planted (MOONQ also buy in grapes).


Areni, Khdoghni, Nrneni
Philosophy: Wine that bonds.
Vinification: Stainless Steel. 2022 vintage will have some oak.
Bottles/year: 4 - 7,000
Visits: By appointment
Address: Yerevan, Armenia