Ezio Poggio

Family owned for over 50 years, Ezio Poggio (oenologist) is the 3rd generation winemaker to manage the family winery, along with his wife May (ex-pharmacist).

The winery is the southernmost and highest elevation (450-600m) vineyard in the region, certified organic, hand harvested and later harvesting (due to the altitude’s cooler climate)

All their Timorasso is fermented in stainless steel for freshness with long lees ageing & weekly battonage for the 12 months in tank.

Ezio was the first producer to make a sparkling Timorasso, and is the only producer (as of 2023) to make sparkling in both charmat (Prosecco) and méthode traditionelle (Champagne) styles, and since 2021 has added a pét-nat to his sparkling range.

Ezio Poggio releases 5 Timorasso labels :

  • Still:
    • Archetipo – “prototype”. Their first Timorasso. Premium, selected grapes from a single vineyard at the lowest altitude
    • Caespes – (Latin for “terroir”), first released in 2008 three years after the young shoots were planted.
  • Sparkling:
    • Lüsarein – (“firefly”) sparkling Timorasso in the charmat (Prosecco) style
    • Metodo Classico – Timorasso made in the Méthode Traditionelle (Champagne) style
    • Lunatico – a single fermentation pét-nat first released in 2021
  • He also produces 2 Timorasso grappa (distilled wine). One clear and one amber (from the aging in oak barrels)

Producer Info

Winery: Ezio Poggio
Established: 1993 (in present form)
Winemaker: Ezio Poggio
Hectares: 8Ha
Vine age: 2005 plantings


Timorasso, Cortese
Barbera, Bonarda, Dolcetto
Philosophy: 50% Tradition, 50% Innovation
Viticulture: Organic (certified)
Vinification: Stainless Steel
Bottles/year: 45,000 (30,000 Timorasso)
Visits: Call in advance
Address: 1 Colombaie, 15060 Vignole Borbera AL
Website: https://www.eziopoggio.com/