Cas’Al Mat is the project of two friends Alessio Canepa e Matteo Bertè who acquired 8 Ha of land in 2020

They started producing Timorasso from the grapes of two nearby winemakers with the same farming ideals.
In 2021, with the help of Walter Massa, they rented a 0.25Ha plot in Monleale, and in 2023 are planting a further 0.8Ha of their own vines on their own land

Only 1,000 bottles were produced in their first 2020 vintage, increasing to 2,500 in 2021

The name, “Cas’al’mat brings to mind a farmhouse that comes alive at night to celebrate.
It also sounds like a typical name from Piedmont and contains part of their names.

Cas’Al’Mat produce 2 Timorasso both with the most striking light-hearted labels in the area:

  • iNTrO – their original Timorasso
  • il Cas’Al’Mat  – aged in ceramic eggs

Matteo also works in his family winery Berté & Cordini in nearby Pavia

Producer Info

Winery: Cas’Al’Mat
Established: 2020
Winemaker: Alessio Canepa & Matteo Bertè
Hectares: 0.25 Ha (+0.8 in 2013)


Vinification: Stainless Steel & ceramic egg
Bottles/year: 2,500