Carska Vina

Carska Vina is a small family vineyard with a history of over 170 years dating back to Grgo Vasilj.

They use only grapes grown on their 22Ha of vines to maintain the best possible quantity and sell directly to customers.
These vineyards are situated in 4 locations: Međugorje, Čitluk,  Vionica and Mostar.

They are proud to have established the first “Mediterranean boutique wine hotel” in Herzegovina.

Carska Vina means “imperial wines” and refers to the Austro-Hungarian times when they planted the first larger vineyards in Herzegovina and served the wines at the emperor’s table in Vienna.

Andrija Vasilj

Carska Vino have 7 wines in their portfolio:


  • Žilavka, Premium Edition
  • Gregorius Žilavka, Limited Edition  –  premium Žilavka from the best, selected grapes.


  • Nika Rosé, Special Edition  –  Cabernet Sauvignon named after their first child Nika (Greek for “victory”).


  • Blatina, Premium Edition
  • Sophia, Special Edition   –  50:50 Žilavka : Pinot Gris named after their youngest child – Sophia.
  • David, Special Edition  –  50:50 Blatina : Cabarnet Sauvignon named after their son David. Aged 18 months US and Slavonian oak.
  • Jeanne Cabernet Sauvignon, Special Edition  –  named after their elder daughter Jeanne.

Producer Info

Winery: Carska Vino
Winemaker: Andrija Vasilj
Hectares: 22 Ha


Žilavka, Pinot Gris
Blatina, Cabernet Sauvignon
Bottles/year: 80,000
Visits: Yes, upon appointment.
Address: 1 Put Križevca, Međugorje, 88266