What is Wine Fogg?

Wine Fogg came about after a few glasses of wine, an idea for a website and the love of adventure & travel.
The “Fogg” was inspired by Phileas Fogg, hence the balloon logo.

With varying degrees of success exploring new wine regions for the first time, I wish I had a short guide with an overview of what to expect, and how to go about exploring the various styles and producers with limited time.

This site is intended to offer just that. An introduction to the region with just enough information to let you go out on your own and discover it for yourself.

How to use Wine Fogg

Regions: The main focus is on lesser known wine regions and indigenous grape varieties.
A one page overview of a region (eg Gaillac), a brief history, information on  grapes, producers, where to eat/drink and some helpful links.

Producers: A snapshot overview of some select producers, categorised by region.
These are generally smaller producers who grow their own grapes, make their own wines and don’t spend a lot on marketing, advertising and grand tasting rooms. As such, appointments are often required.


The information on this site is by no means comprehensive. There are many more producers and wines to explore, other restaurants you may prefer, and some information that eventually falls out of date.

Please do reach out if you notice any errors or more up-to-date information.

Who is Wine Fogg?

Wine Fogg is just one guy (for now) travelling the world, discovering the smaller producers of lesser known wine regions.

A certified (WSET3) wine geek with additional certifications in cheese (AoC L2) and a list of over 11,000 wine tasting notes and over 16,000 followers on Vivino.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and hopes you don’t either.

Who is Wine Fogg?

Credit is also due to my long suffering partner, Amanda, who does most of the driving and helped come up with the name “Wine Fogg”.

The Wine Fogg Blog will also feature articles from contributing authors in the coming months.